Meditation Group

The Octagon Meditation Group meets weekly every Sunday morning online via Zoom. It is a drop-in group for those who wish to enjoy a short period of silent meditation or reflection in the company of others. The reading is emailed ahead to those in the group. We can join in the  Zoom Room session  or simply choose to meditate at home without  Zoom at the same time or when it is more convenient for us. We are finding it a friendly and nourishing group.To improve access for all it is likely that we will continue sharing our meditation sessions on Zoom, even after we return to meeting in person. 
The meditation  session starts at 10.15 am so we ask people to come a little earlier than that. The Zoom Room  opens at about 10am so that we can have a brief chat after we arrive. From 10.15 we spend a minute or two settling ourselves into stillness. Then we have a reading before we sit in silence for twenty minutes, each practising any form of silent meditation that we wish. After this we hear the reading  again.  Sometimes the session has a different structure. For example  the leader may take us on a guided meditation. The sessions all tend to last about twenty-five minutes in total. After the meditation the Zoom Room is open for a further half an hour so that we can discuss the reading and chat should we wish. As each participant brings something different to the sessions we have several people who lead and are happy for others to join our rota when they are ready . We like to try to  reflect the variety of Unitarians! If you have not meditated before we can offer some advice.
Please contact for further details