5 Ways to Spiritual Wellbeing Course

Background to course.

An increasing amount of research points to the health benefits of either having a faith or being part of a faith community.  There is a strong correlation between church going and living longer and being healthier. You may not feel you want to join a church but is there a way that we can achieve these health benefits without necessarily adopting all that goes with being a church goer? One of the most up and coming forms of evidence based treatment for physical pain and emotional problems draws from Buddhism and is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  Also many of the activities related to having a faith are shown to benefit health such as being compassionate to yourself and others and being in a community.  Unitarian and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Helen Simpson has developed this six week course using  techniques deeply rooted in faith traditions.

Helen has used the research to create the five ways to spiritual wellbeing as shown below.

Finding community

Living a life of meaning                 

Acting compassionately

Meditating or praying

Embracing death

What does it involve?

Each week covers a different topic with some topics, such as compassion and meditation being covered every week. The group meets for 2. To 3 hours with a short break. Please note that the course is not designed to push you in any particular direction in terms of faith or belief.  There will be no more than twelve people on the course. The last one ran with six.

Using film, discussion, poetry, meditation, writing and ritual we will explore all the 5 ways to Spiritual Wellbeing.  The last cohort experienced an average increase in spiritual wellbeing of 13%.

Course dates

The workshops are all Saturday afternoons from 1.30 to 4.30. They take place at the newly refurbished Martineau Hall, 23 Colgate Norwich, NR3 1BN. There is parking on site and the hall is accessible by wheelchair.

  • September 14th
  • September 28th
  • October 12th
  • October26th
  • November 9th
  • November 30th

 To help the group feel stable and welcoming we ask the members attend as many of the workshops as possible and let us know beforehand if they are going to be absent. To get most benefit you should be able to attend at least four of the six.

About the course leaders

Helen Simpson is a Psychological therapist and has worked in the NHS in Norwich for 29 years. She is presently developing Acceptance and Commitment therapy at her work place which is a Buddhist based treatment used with long term health conditions. She is a member of the Octagon Chapel.

Saint Ananda comes to us from Northern California where she trained as a Reiki Master and massage therapist from the early 90’s on. Saint apprenticed for 10 years with a modern Mexican shamanic circle and was initiated an Eagle Knight Warrior in the Toltec tradition on top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. Saint has studied numerous healing arts is a member of the Octagon Chapel.


We ask for £20 at registration and will send you our bank details or you can pay by cheque or cash if you prefer. This is then refundable at the end of the course if you feel you need the money back.  Alternatively you may also wish to give another donation.


To contact Helen and Saint regarding this course please complete this form.